LONGHASH Co-founder

作家・起業家。今までに、The Wall Street JournalおよびThe New York Timesでスタッフライター・エディター、また、the US State Departmentでのポリシーアドバイザー、Silicon Valley Start-up Parlio(現・Quora)でチーフストラテジーオフィサーの経験がある。現在は、テクノロジーと外交問題についての記事をThe New York Times、The Wall Street Journal、CNN、MIT Technology Review、The Washington Postや日本のメディアも含め多数の出版社で執筆している。著書である"Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground."は、アメリカのTop大学の授業でも採用されている。Brown Universityの国際関係学、比較文学でのBAを取得。また、東アジア研究(中国と日本)においてMAを取得


Formerly a staff writer and editor at The Wall Street Journal, staff editor at The New York Times, policy advisor for the US State Department and chief strategy officer at Silicon Valley start-up Parlio (acquired by Quora). Writes about technology and foreign affairs for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, MIT Technology Review, The Washington Post and other publications, as well as for Japanese media. Author of the book, "Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground," which has been assigned in classes in top universities in the United States. BA with honors from Brown University in international relations and comparative literature. MA from Harvard in East Asian Studies (Chinese and Japanese).